Dark Comedy Halloween Special: Enter if you dare


Last Halloween, we hosted a delight for fallen angels! Our DJ and a free shot put attendees in the mood while the Red bar was open from 19.00 to slurp away their troubles. Four deranged individuals entertained the inner ghost with their comedy performances.

The clever witch, Sonja Pikart, who is a comedian and actress, performed in both the English and German comedy scene in Vienna. After winning a newcomer award for her German debut show, Sonja started touring in Austria and Germany. In 2016, she expanded her sharp comedic style to the English scene and performed at English stand-up comedy shows across Europe. She received the Austrian Kabarett Award for her second solo show „Metamorphose“ in 2019 and regularly toured though Austria with the „Lange Nacht des Kabaretts“ ensemble. Her show „Ein Spatz, ein Wunsch, ein Volksaufstand“ premiered at the famous Orpheum in Vienna.

The deranged cripple, David Stockenreitner, was born in a small village in Carinthia and popped out 2 months early. After failing at sports, he decided to venture into comedy. Despite the struggle of getting on and off stage, he braved it most nights and even achieved some reasonable success. After winning several prizes and appearing on television in Austria and Germany, he preached to an international audience in English.

The feisty bitch, Abi Mohanty, a Berlin-based comedian, converted childhood trauma into comedy one show at a time. She performed all over Europe, usually in places visited by low-cost airlines, with an enticing smile.

The weird magician, Balint Villei, originally from Buda, Hungary, performed a mixture of comedy, magic, and juggling. With his innocent charm, anything he attempted was a sheer delight.

Disclaimer: If attendees were easily offended by comedy, we were truly happy for them because clearly they didn’t have real problems, but it was best for them to stay away in their safe bubble